Professional Benefit Auctioneer & More

We Specialize in Making Your Fundraiser a Success

Professional Benefit Auctioneer & More

We Specialize in Making Your Fundraiser a Success

Why Hire a Professional Auctioneer?

Successful fundraising events require an experienced auctioneer who can entertain, engage, inspire your guests to financially support your organization.

As professional fundraisers, we offer consultation and guidance throughout the event planning process. We take the time to learn about your audience beforehand so we can utilize the right strategies to maximize participation, enjoyment, and bidding.


We will ensure your guests have a blast at your event – because happy guests are bidding guests!


By captivating your audience, we can maximize participation and your bottom line.


Our auctioneers spark the desire to financially support your organization, maximizing your fundraising efforts.

Auctioneer & Emcee

The right auctioneer can significantly increase your fundraising outcomes to surpass your goals.  Our experienced auctioneer has worked with education foundations, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, non-profits, and others to help raise the money these organizations needed to serve the members of their communities.  We work closely with your team to ensure that we design an experience that maximizes your ability to sustain and grow the programs important to your organization.

We offer consultation services prior to your event to assist you in planning the layout, timing, silent auction, live auction, music, sound, bid card, printed program, and raffle.  We also share with you a variety of additional strategic fundraising ideas that will help you reach your goals. During the event we work closely with your team to develop the strong relationship that ensures that the host and guests have an enjoyable experience.  We understand that plans change, and we are very flexible during the event to provide everyone with a seamless night of fun. After the event, we will debrief with your team to make recommendations for future events that will enhance your results.

In addition to our auctioneering services, we can also provide you with a master of ceremonies, a high quality sound system and lighting to complete your event.

Professional Announcer

Our announcer has announced for high school and collegiate track meets for the past several years and understands the difference a quality announcer can make at any event.  Our high energy entertainers maintain high standards of professionalism as they effectively communicate with your guests. We understand that plans change before or during an event, and we demonstrate a high degree of flexibility to ensure that your event is enjoyed by everyone.  

Audio & Visual Services

Ambrose Entertainers uses a high quality sound system engineered by Bose to provide a beautiful sound experience inside your venue with up to three hundred and fifty participants.  Along with impeccable sound quality, we will also provide you with two wireless microphones, a stand alone “Elvis Microphone”, the Shure 55, and access to a Spotify Premium account for all your musical pleasure.  The appropriate event lighting can create a fun, warm, and welcoming atmosphere that enhances your guests’ experience. We can provide soft lighting that can be color coordinated to provide a special experience for all. Finally, we bring your event to life with high definition images and video projected onto a 120 inch screen.

Our Clients

McMinnville Noon Rotary

McMinnville Noon Kiwanis

Juliette’s House

Newberg Noon Rotary

Forward Stride

Sound Equine Options

Yamhill CASA

McMinnville Area Habitat for Humanity

Dayton Education Foundation

McMinnville Education Foundation

McMinnville Athletic Club

Carlton Observatory

Yamhill Watershed Stewardship Fund

Linfield College