Professional Sound

Vintage Microphone

The Shure 55 is Ambrose Entertainers prefered microphone, and we love it so much that we put it all over our logo and website.  In 1939, Shure revolutionised the music industry with a microphone so successful that it is still in production today!  The American Shure Brothers Company, now Shure Incorporated, sits proudly amongst the world’s longest-surviving microphone builders. The Super 55 features the vintage design of the original iconic vocal microphone with a frequency response tailored for natural-sounding vocals and speech.

Sound System

Our sound system is compact, versatile and can perform for audiences up to 500.  The Bose L1 Model II uses 24 speakers in an articulated linear array to deliver complete sound coverage.  The crystal clear sound engineered by Bose will be heard by guests anywhere in the room.  The system’s breakthrough loudspeaker produces wide, uniform sound coverage of nearly 180 degrees—onstage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred—with little dropoff in volume and tone.  And this professional sound system is packed with proprietary Bose technologies designed to improve your amplified sound.The high-performance B2 bass module delivers greater low-frequency output when you need more powerful bass for larger audiences.